With a diversified portfolio valued at €5.5 billion, AG Real Estate is the largest real estate group in Belgium. A subsidiary of AG Insurance, the leading player on the Belgian insurance market, AG Real Estate is able to leverage the group’s financial muscle to support its core activities: Development, Investment, Financing and Public Car Park Management.

In Development, AG Real Estate has a compelling track record with completed developments of more than 2 million m² of office, residential and retail space in Belgium, France and Luxembourg. The current Development pipeline includes 40 projects spanning 800,000 m². Activities are focused on four major strategic areas: Urban Redevelopment, Sustainable Communities, Turnkey Projects and Public-Private Partnerships.

AG Real Estate is involved in several PPP projects, including a leading role in the fast-track "Scholen van Morgen" (Schools of Tomorrow) initiative to design, build, finance and maintain 200 school buildings in Flanders.

AG Real Estate is also one of the leading real estate Asset Managers in Belgium with a portfolio under management of €4 billion for AG Insurance and €0.5 billion for third-party accounts. Its portfolio contains direct and indirect real estate holdings, primarily but not exclusively in Europe, as well as investments across all asset classes.

AG Real Estate is active both as an equity investor as well as a debt investor across the entire risk spectrum.

The company also provides Public Car Park Management services under the Interparking brand. With more than 290,000 parking spaces in 350 cities across 9 different countries, Interparking is one of Europe’s most successful car parking facility operators, serving 85 million customers a year with a staff of nearly 2,000. Its portfolio includes car parks in city centres, airports, train stations, hospitals, commercial and business centres, and tourist attractions. As a key player in the field of mobility, it contributes to optimising traffic flow and promoting interoperable mass transit solutions. Committed to reducing its environmental footprint in all countries of operation, Interparking's activities are now fully carbon neutral.

AG Real Estate employes a staff of over 200 with a wide range of skills and profiles. AG Real Estate is always on the lookout for new opportunities to combine local players’ strengths with its real estate expertise and financial muscle. It prides itself on upholding the guiding principle of "building the future together".