Executive Committee

Serge Fautré

​Chief Executive Officer

Marc Van Begin

Chief Financial Officer

for sprl Marc Van Begin

Laurent Stalens

General Counsel

for sprl Laurent Stalens

Brigitte Gouder de Beauregard

General Manager France

for S.A. Re-Invest

Amaury de Crombrugghe

Chief Investment Officer

Office, Warehouse & Senior Housing

for sprl Amaury de Crombrugghe

Philippe Monserez

Chief Design & Build Officer

Management Team

Véronique Mathonet

Chief Human Resources & Communication Officer

Amand Benoît D'Hondt

Head of Funds, Alternative & Healthcare Investments & Fund Management

for Amand Benoît D'Hondt sprl

Dominique van der Span

Head of Real Estate & PPP Finance

Aurel Gavriloaia

Head of Business Development

Office, Warehouse & Senior Housing