Are you looking for a development and construction partner for your new company, your new residence? New office space? Headquarters that meet your specific business requirements? An apartment with fully integrated and coordinated engineering solutions. A retail shopping centre featuring the most successful and popular brands or even a mixed use building grouping several activities?...

AG Real Estate Development can provide you with all of these types of developments, whether in the city centre or a green area but always in the best strategic locations.

At a glance, AG Real Estate Development is:

  • more than 2 million  square meters  of office, residential and retail buildings
  • active in Belgium, Luxembourg and France
  • a team of 60 experienced  development and construction specialists

One of our distinguishing characteristics is our ability to set up privileged partnerships with investors, other real estate developers, future tenants and public authorities among others in the form of Public-Private Partnerships. 

With yearly cash inflows from AG Insurance investment funds, AG Real Estate is able to meet its financing requirements without having to rely on bank loans.​


Our ability to develop real estate projects from A to Z allows us to best meet the demands of the market. We are always looking for new opportunities in growth sectors in order to further diversify our holdings. In this context, the development of projects through partnerships, with both private and public players, is a path we would like to pursue."