AG Real Estate offers its expertise in property development to its clients and partners throughout the entire development project, from identifying a suitable location to the planning and permit phase to the actual development and construction.

Cooperation and dialogue are key to all these activities. AG Real Estate strives towards maximum flexibility with respect to clients and potential users right through all phases of the development, in order to provide them with modern and adaptable buildings which meet their needs and requirements.

AG Real Estate has also built up a relationship of trust with the authorities concerned over the years. In the development of projects, AG Real Estate takes full account of the impact on the immediate environment and makes efforts to maintain the historic integrity. In this way, AG Real Estate makes an active contribution to urban revitalisation.

Its focus on the broader context makes AG Real Estate the ideal partner for government authorities, financial institutions, investors, contractors and other interested parties, for example in the context of a Public-Private Partnership agreement.  ​