There are six key stages to our development process: 

1. Identify

The ability to scout out the right locations and types of buildings with long-lasting market appeal.

2. Plan

Creativity, calculations and negotiations with the future occupants including a feasibility study of all the technical, legal and financial issues to be resolved.

3. Design

Selection of a team of architects and engineers as well as legal experts, tax advisors and marketing specialists, all orchestrated by the Project Manager responsible for the project from A to Z, in order to maximise flexibility, durability, cost-efficiency and image.

4. Validate

Applying for construction permits with the relevant authorities. During this phase, applications move ahead based on the results of public inquiries and consultation with local residents.

5. Build

Our Construction Management engineers manage the development of the site and coordinate the efforts of all subcontractors involved. They incorporate any changes requested by the future occupants and ensure that project deliverables meet the stated quality, deadline and cost objectives.

6. Satisfy

Our objective is to achieve full occupancy as soon as our projects are completed. With this goal in mind, agents present projects to potential occupants and buyers during the design phase. This also allows us to tweak our plans during the development phase to best meet occupant needs.