Financing & PPP

AG Real Estate uses its broad expertise to offer, on behalf of AG Insurance, financing solutions for both commercial property assets and public buildings or infrastructure and PPP (public-private partnerships).

The financial strength of AG Insurance and the property expertise and financial know-how which AG Real Estate already has, make it a very reliable partner for analysing and setting up the financing structure of property projects, as well as for the realisation of them. Our team of technical, legal, financial and fiscal experts can rely on broad expertise in the structuring of projects and access to long-term financing.

In addition to the financing of PPP projects, which are mainly dealt with via AG Insurance, AG Real Estate can also take on other roles in the realisation of a PPP project. AG Real Estate can thus rely on significant expertise as a financier, provider of equity capital and project manager for the realisation of the Scholen van Morgen (Schools of Tomorrow) project, an ambitious partnership with the Flemish government with a total investment of €1.5 billion.