Public Car Park

AG Real Estate operates its Public Car Park Management activity through Interparking, a 51% subsidiary.

For more than half a century, the Interparking Group has designed, developed, owned and operated off-road public car parks across Europe.

Thanks to its incomparable experience, Interparking has the opportunity to offer its partners perfect skills in every aspect needed to realize and manage a public car park and on-street parking. From setting up to management through conception, financing, building and building site coordination, it makes sure to maintain the highest expertise.

Uncontested market leader in Belgium, Interparking has quickly become an international player and this position has improved each year. Today, the group is active in 9 countries across Europe (Belgium, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Romania, Hungary and Austria) and has a significant position in Spain, France and the Netherlands.With the airports, hospital and shopping center car parks included, the 656 Interparking car parks total some 290,000 car parking spaces in some 342 cities.​