​AG Real Estate is the driving force behind the Scholen van Morgen project, a public-private partnership with the Flemish government and BNP Paribas Fortis. Scholen van Morgen is enabling a huge catch-up in the field of school buildings in Flanders. The project consists of 182 new-build and/or renovation projects and a total floor area of 710,00[DO1] 0 m².

AG Real Estate is the biggest financier of this DBFM (Design, Build, Finance and Maintain) programme, both via equity capital and via its parent company AG Insurance.

As delegated principal, AG Real Estate carries out the programme and project management, appoints all performing parties, supports schools through the entire design and building process and the maintenance over 30 years.

Thanks to Scholen van Morgen, AG Real Estate has gained extensive expertise in building schools and in all the specific structural, financial and educational aspects that are of crucial importance in such a project.

We also have a lot of know-how about the process-oriented approach of such (large-scale) DBFM operations in order to create public infrastructure, while respecting timing, budget and all the applicable legislation on public contracts.

Interested in the current status of this programme? Or are you looking for more information? Take a look at www.scholenvanmorgen.be