Senior Housing

​AG Real Estate is aware of the increased ageing of the population and wants to offer an answer to the societal needs arising from this situation. In this context, AG Real Estate is actively investing in the development and management of residential property for senior citizens.

In this way, AG Real Estate aims to contribute to the development of high-quality and affordable housing for senior citizens. By responding to the growing need for care facilities for senior citizens, AG Real Estate is also working on continuous innovation and diversification within its own property portfolio.

Since 2011, housing for senior citizens has been an important growth sector, both at national and international level. Thanks to its investment capacity, the group has the potential to be an important player in this constantly evolving sector.

AG Real Estate currently manages over 170,000 square metres in this sector, which is a total of almost 3,000 beds in 25 rest homes in Belgium and Germany.

81,000 m² and 1,391 beds in 11 Belgian rest homes

122,000 m² and 1,915 beds in 16 rest homes in Germany

Represents 5% of total investments, strong growth