Indirect Investment

A preference for winning partners
AG Real Estate makes indirect investments in listed and unlisted real estate funds and in club deals. Our current portfolio is estimated at around 400 million euros. In the next few years, we will be consolidating our position and increasing it significantly, whilst diversifying our portfolio.
What are we looking for in a real estate fund?
  • An identified risk profile;
  • A distinct class of real estate assets;
  • A fixed geographical perimeter (with a focus on the Eurozone countries);
  • Diversification by comparison with our direct real estate investments;
  • A knowledge of its market and recognised know-how, on the part of the Asset Manager and Fund Manager.
What do we offer our partners?
  • Financial capacity for strategic investment;
  • Very broad real estate expertise built up from our traditional markets;
  • Experience as an institutional investor in such structures;
  • Sustained involvement in the monitoring of our holdings.


Alongside our involvement in Belgian real estate investment companies with fixed capital, we are even now investing in other unlisted and specialised structures: real estate in the Commercial sector which is let on a very long-term basis in Italy, high-street stores in the Netherlands, residential properties in Manhattan (in New York City) and a logistical fund in France, to name a few; an interesting diversification which also brings us a better understanding of these markets and allows us to seize other, future opportunities. We intend to decisively pursue and develop this strategy in future years.” 

Gilles Emond, Head of Participations & Structuring