Care, Dare, Deliver, Share: AG Real Estate commits to its values
19 November 2019

Care, Dare, Deliver, Share: AG Real Estate commits to its values

Our values constitute a real benchmark of essential principles and references, which nurture our identity and the way we work on a daily basis. As an entity of AG Insurance and real estate advisor of the Ageas Group, we have adopted common values for the entire Group which we strive to bring to bear in all our actions:

  • Care

Respect for our teams, partners and interlocutors while remaining true to what we are

  • Dare

The audacity of our approach to creating value and innovating by pushing the boundaries

  • Deliver

The results we undertake to deliver through a constant quest for excellence and responsibility

  • Share

Sharing our experience, success and opportunities with those who put their trust in us

“Let’s make our values come alive”: we embody our values

We have chosen a participatory approach to make these new values come alive. In organizing four workshops bringing together colleagues from all the departments, we have managed to foster very rewarding exchanges that have enabled us to define the most inspiring indicators for each of our values.

Compiled in a founding document, these indicators constitute a set of indispensable principles and benchmarks. An essential guide that all employees of AG Real Estate can adopt, in particular at numerous points in their tenure in the company: exchanges with their managers, their annual review, team meetings, interactions with colleagues or any other stakeholder in connection with their professional activity.

Accompanied by many communication tools, this guide is intended to disseminate our new values at all levels of the company. It is up to each and every one to make them come alive at their respective scale!

To find out more, please view the video below:

Véronique Mathonet
Chief HR & Communication Officer
Véronique Mathonet