“The world’s most powerful solar roof” A joint venture between AG Real Estate and Heylen Warehouses
7 February 2020

“The world’s most powerful solar roof” A joint venture between AG Real Estate and Heylen Warehouses

AG Real Estate, in partnership with the Belgian logistics real estate company Heylen Warehouses, is proud to announce that the new company AG Heylen Energy has equipped its first roof with solar panels. The installation will be operational by mid-June 2020 and will reach a combined capacity of more than 18 Megawatt peak, to represent the worlds most powerful sunroof”. This world premiere will feature on the roofs of the VE Commerce Campus in Venlo, Limburg, in the Netherlands. This building is the property of AG Heylen Warehouses, a company created in 2016 by the two investors with the ambition to manage a portfolio of high quality, exemplary warehouses.

This project is part of the ambition of AG Real Estate and Heylen Warehouses to invest in renewable energy. “With this new partnership, we want to proactively invest in climate-friendly technologies focusing on low resource consumption and energy efficiency, particularly green energy supply”, says Marc Van Begin, Chief Financial Officer of AG Real Estate.

In collaboration with IZEN, the technical installation partner, AG Heylen Energy will cover the entire surface (12.6 hectares) of the roof in Venlo with solar panels. The estimation is that the entire installation will produce an equivalent to the power consumption of 4.500 households. The installation will provide green electricity, not only to neutralize the carbon footprint for on-site activities but also for activities on other locations, such as offices, showrooms and other distribution centers.

The Belgian companies AG Real Estate and Heylen Warehouses have the ambition to invest no less than 60 million euros in renewable energy solutions and, in addition to Venlo, have similar projects in other parts of the Netherlands and Belgium. “A large-scale campus, the collaboration with the Province of Limburg, the contractor IZEN, the engineering company ENCON and the investment policy in the Netherlands, make it a favorable climate to fully deploy in energy transition”, says Philippe Deschilder, CEO of Heylen Warehouses.

By making its properties more ‘green’ and more sustainable, AG Heylen Warehouses does not only enables its customers and tenants to make their activities energy positive, but also to decrease their CO2 emission.

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About AG Real Estate

AG Real Estate, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AG Insurance, is an integrated property operator active in Belgium, France, Luxembourg and on certain select European markets with expertise in different lines of business: Asset & Property Management, Development & Construction Management, PPP and real estate financing, as well as in Car Park Management through its subsidiary Interparking. A company active in urban real estate, AG Real Estate has more than 250 employees with varied profiles and areas of expertise.

With a portfolio of more than €6.5 billion under management for its own account and on behalf of third parties, AG Real Estate is endeavoring to provide a responsible response to new urban needs and to implement a sustainable development policy as to make its projects even more meaningful.

About Heylen Warehouses

Heylen Warehouses is a subsidiary of the Heylen Group from Herentals. The company has been developing and renting logistics real estate since 2002 and currently manages more than a million square meters of sites and warehouses. Heylen Warehouses always chooses strategic top locations for its logistics real estate. In order to respond quickly to the needs of customers, we possess building plots in Belgium and the Netherlands with a high potential at logistically interesting locations. In the search for the best solution for logistic business spaces, Heylen Warehouses does not only think as an owner and developer, but mainly from the customer’s perspective. It is the sustainable approach that creates creative and flexible solutions and win-win situations.

For more information, please go to: https://heylenwarehouses.com/en/

Véronique Mathonet
Chief HR & Communication Officer
Véronique Mathonet