Public infrastructure

AG Real Estate

The new campus of the Heilig-Hartscholen consists of the main site on the Biekorfstraat where the secondary school, the superstructure and the sports hall were implanted. The adjacent site of the primary school was also fully renovated with new kindergarten and primary school classrooms, thereby giving the primary school its own appearance and identity. The secondary school right next to the small parking plaza on the Biekorfstraat forms the look of secondary education. The secondary school comprises two entities: the first grade and the second-third-grade (superstructure), brought under two buildings separated by an open space. The superstructure (6,636 m²) and sports hall (2,800 m²) were erected in the first phase; the secondary school (3,850 m²) and primary school (2,358 m²) in a second phase. The total floor space of the construction project exceeds 15,000 m². Interbuild NV-BAM Contractors nv carried out the plans of L&A Architects-Engineers.

The first phase of this construction project was delivered successfully on 9 August 2016. The second phase followed on 22 June 2017.