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A NEW residential develoment!
Name L'Alliance
Address Parc de l'Alliance
1420 Braine-l'Alleud
Type Residential
Status In partnership with AXA Belgium



Looking for the serenity of the countryside with the amenities of a city?

See our site : www.lalliance.eu

L'Alliance offers a residential concept that combines the best of both worlds!

L'Alliance boasts an ideal location in a landscaped park, optimal accessibility by car and rail (RER stop), and easy access to all the good things of Walloon Brabant and the town of Braine l'Alleud ... Add to that refined, human-scale architecture, and state-of-the-art sustainable construction (low energy and/or passive apartments), and you have everything that makes for ideal living.

Located in a vast 8 hectare landscaped park, the first three residential buildings of L'Alliance project totalling 73 apartments, each with its own identity, set the scene for a sustainable, multifunctional community, green, calm and a pleasant place to live.​

Location & Accessibility

​At the heart of Walloon Brabant and close to the centre of Braine-l'Alleud, L'Alliance offers a host of advantages, among them a wide choice of schools, various sports clubs, seven golf courses within 15 minutes' driving distance, cultural facilities and quality public areas, gourmet restaurants and nearby shops.

Braine-l'Alleud is a dynamic city, as witnessed by the many events organized throughout the year.

Easy access is a major asset of the L'Alliance project: the Brussels Ring road is just a stone's throw away, the future RER station is 3 minutes on foot, and a specifically laid path brings cyclists to the town centre in just 10 minutes.

In the residential park itself, passing traffic is almost zero, with vehicular access planned to bypass the buildings and open spaces.


Issues At Stake

L'Alliance's passive energy apartments are not only less "energy-guzzling", but much more comfortable ... and cheaper to run!
 "The energy of a single iron would be enough to heat an apartment during the winter!"
Using passive energy
With their ideal orientation and excellent thermal insulation (walls and windows), the apartments need very little energy to heat. In addition, the twin-flow MCV* fitted with a highly efficient heat exchanger maintains a constant supply of fresh air in the apartment, retrieving maximum calories from the stale air before expelling it outside. All this reduces to a strict minimum the need for heating in the apartment.
Twin-flow MCV
Twin-flow MCV (mechanically controlled ventilation) is a system that blows fresh air into the ‘dry’ rooms (living room, bedrooms and office) and extracts it via the ‘wet’ rooms (kitchen, bathroom, shower room, utility room and WC). With the help of a highly efficient heat exchanger, the MCV preheats the incoming air in winter and cools it in the summer. In this way the ambient air is continuously renewed and filtered, making it of far superior quality to that of a traditional house, and reducing the risk of allergies.
Solar Panels
Solar thermal panels part-produce domestic hot water for the radiators (ECC), the balance being provided by a gas-fired condensing boiler. Domestic hot water (DHW) is produced directly in the apartment with an individual exchanger fed by the heating circuit, itself partially powered by solar energy. This "collective-individualized" system permits significant savings.
Reducing the overall energy bill
For apartments to benefit from "passive" certification, their heating requirement must not exceed 15 kWh/m² per year. This is about four times lower than the energy consumption of new 'traditional' buildings (and ten times less than that of an older building). Most apartments in the project meet the "passive" criteria, and the others the (very) "low energy" criteria with consumption always lower than 30 kWh/m² per year. Lower CO2 emissions are a major argument today for anyone concerned about the environment.

Key Elements


Shared Experience


Carefully chosen flooring, tiles and other wall coverings, interior joinery, domestic equipment, taps and other fittings. This attention to each detail guarantees the quality of an apartment. The apartments come pre-painted, ready for immediate occupation.
The apartments are delivered with painted ceiling and a coat of primer on the walls.
The car parks are located in the basement of the building and are secured by remote control gates. Each apartment has its own private cellar also in the basement of the building.
Bike storage
The bike storage area in the car parks has plenty of spaces. This space is particularly welcome in a neighbourhood that places an emphasis on sustainable mobility.
Garden storage space
Garden furniture and equipment have their own separate storage areas.
All entrance doors are burglar-proof. Ground floor apartments are alarmed.
Parquet flooring
The nobility of natural wood
Semi-solid natural oak flooring finished with oil or varnish is provided in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and offices.
Tiles and ceramics
Refined finishings 
The porcelain tiles come in various sizes depending on the use of different rooms. Buyers have a free choice within the proposed budget.
Robust and aesthetic at once
Designer taps and mixers in bathrooms, toilets and kitchens are selected from the best brands. Their flexible control allows precise adjustment of water flow and temperature.
Door and window frames
Wood/aluminium: the perfect combination
Door and window frames are in pre-painted wood on the inside and lacquered aluminium outside, combining wood’s aesthetics and insulating power with aluminium's stiffness and weather resistance. 
High-tech transparency
Selected for comfort and to meet the buildings' "low energy and passive" standards, the high-tech double and triple glazing offers very high levels of thermal and acoustic insulation.
The kitchens all feature high quality furniture and appliances, including dishwasher, refrigerator, traditional oven, ceramic hob, hood, mixer taps. Buyers can customize their kitchens within the specified budget.