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Botanic Building

Name Botanic Building
Address Boulevard Saint-Lazare 4-10
1210 Brussels
Size 30,000
Type Office
Status Sold to Allianz



The building consists of one oblong wing, with the southern façade featuring terraces overlooking the Botanical Garden, and one cylindrical wing facing place Saint-Lazare. The total surface area for the offices is approximately 30,000 m² (20,000 m² + 9,600 m²), with an additional 5,780 m² for the underground car parks.
The building, formerly oriented on its widest side, has been turned south on its narrowest side, , which is the one immediately visible from the inner ring road and the Botanical Garden.  Dotted with pergolas and terraces, this narrow side is reminiscent of   a ship’s bow.
The inclusion of terraces and pergolas adds impact and substance to the design of the building and gives it a human dimension.
The main entrance is located on the southern side of the building, opposite the Botanical Garden, with a second entrance along the boulevard Saint-Lazare. There is an outdoor car park on the ground floor level that can accommodate up to 50 vehicles.

Location & Accessibility

Issues At Stake

Key Elements

​Number of floors: 19 + 1 technical level

Standard floor: 1,732 m²

Modulability: 1.20 m

Car park: 220 spaces

Basement: 3 levels

Lifts: 9 super-fast lifts

  • Developer: AG Real Estate
  • Architects: Atelier d’Architecture de Genval and Accarain & Bouillot
  • General Contractors: Botanic Building I: s.a. Kumpen & Botanic Building II: CIT Blaton
  • Stability Engineering: Waterman TCA s.a.
  • Special Techniques Engineering: Luxconsult s.a.
  • Façades: Belgo Metal (Permasteelisa)


The Atelier d’Architecture de Genval and Accarain & Bouillot joined forces to bring together highly complementary skill sets and expertise.


"In 2000, the Atelier d’Architecture de Genval won an architectural design competition to renovate a 1960s-era property that housed government administrative services.Under the terms of the project, a building with a strong personality had to be integrated into the Brussels landscape. The building also needed to send a clear message to its immediate surroundings as well as further afield. These were the objectives for handling the volumes, forms, textures, materials, colours and stylistic details.The adjacent Botanical Garden had a strong influence on the design process, inspiring the   series of pergola-topped terraces that beautifully reinterpret the park’s natural assets. The terraces are bolstered by a large vertical structure that faces the train station and the business district.To compensate for the loss of surface area from the terraces, the architects found a clever, more financially profitable way to maximise the use of space by focusing on the original central core. While the competition was in process, the Atelier d’Architecture de Genval, selected as the concept designer, formed a partnership with Accarain & Bouillot, which took on responsibility for implementing the plans."

Shared Experience

​“What was unique and interesting in this project is that it involved the redevelopment of a tower which nobody wanted at that time. The ideal location of the building along the inner ring road of Brussels and  next to the Botanical Garden were two major arguments in its favour. We came up with the unusual shape of the tower by turning  the cramped conditions of the land, the limited time frame as well as some specific urban restrictions into positives. The tower,  oriented on its narrowest side to enjoy the view of the Botanical Garden, is a true architectural achievement.”

Alain De Coster, Chief Development Officer