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Canal Wharf

Name Canal Wharf
Address Quai de Willebroeck 22
1000 Bruxelles
Type Residential



Brussels' Canal neighbourhood is experiencing a rapid revival. Witnesses of the capital's industrial past and its port activities, Brussels' docks are now being reborn. Housing, shops and green spaces are developing here at the intersection of Brussels' major thoroughfares.

As a lover of refined design, you will admire the flowing lines of the different buildings designed by a trio of famous Belgian architects.

Canal Wharf offers a unique approach to urban development in the Brussels landscape. Espousing the architectural concept of the "viertel", this human-sized project is structured as a set of four volumes set in a rectangle around a shared green area. Design of the buildings has been entrusted to three highly regarded architects, each of which has brought his own touch: Stéphane Beel, Architectes Associés and 51N4E.

Location & Accessibility

Just like recent developed projects in Paris (Canal Saint-Martin) or London (Canary Wharf), here too the docks are once again "trendy". Canal Wharf invites you to be the first to join in the movement and to write the next chapters in the history of one of Brussels' most promising neighbourhoods.In so doing you will play an active part in the ongoing transformation of this former industrial area, which is already attracting a host of cultural and entertainment institutions: the Kaaitheater, the Tour & Taxis exhibition site, the K-nal nightclub and many others.

Canal Wharf lies at the heart of a neighbourhood which has wind again in its sails. Its future potential needs no introduction. Come and live where Brussels life is at its most lively: along the Canal banks, facing the Tour & Taxis complex and within walking distance of Rue Dansaert's fashionable boutiques, the restaurants of the Quartier Sainte-Catherine and the future Brussels Museum of Contemporary Art shortly to take up residence in the legendary Citroen showrooms. In summer you will enjoy the Bruxelles-les-Bains fair, the Kanal Playground Festival, and the Couleur Café festival.

The entire area continues to change with the planned extension of the Tour & Taxis Park down to the waterfront - a total area of 15 hectares, the largest urban park created in Brussels since the nineteenth century! - and the upcoming construction of a pedestrian bridge spanning the Canal to link the Quai de Willebroek to the new Béco park (3.5 ha) and Rue Picard (early 2017).

The district is not, though, about to sacrifice its historic character: the famous crane still stands on the docks, and you can board a boat to (re)discover the ¬industrial past of this old port area.

Issues At Stake

Key Elements


​Design of the Canal Wharf project has been entrusted to three famous Belgian architects: Architects Associates, 51N4E and Stéphane Beel, who coordinated the coherence of the ensemble.

Each architect has worked from common set of specifications setting rules for finishes, choice of materials, placing of balconies and shapes of window and doorframes. Thanks to Stéphane Beel's coordination work, the ensemble exudes a real harmony expressed in stylized architecture, the choice of textures and the marriage of colours.

 The architects' inspiration and creativity are embodied in a set of four volumes (Stéphane Beel's practice designed the Wharf A and Wharf D blocks), each of which reflect its designers' interpretation of the guidelines.

A Ghent architect of international renown, Stéphane Beel, has to his name several remarkable buildings in Belgium and abroad. His work covers all the needs in residential real estate, as offices and as institutional infrastructures.

Shared Experience


The dwelling units in the Canal Wharf projects meet the PEB Passive standards in force in 2015 in the Brussels-Capital Region. The various buildings are fitted with a ventilation system type D, common to the entire building. This ensures you to benefit from a constant fresh and filtered air in your apartment. Indeed, the fresh air is preheated by the exhausted air. No sensation of cold air for a maximum comfort! As far as heating is concerned, your home is fed by a common, central, high efficiency boiler. You will of course also have your own individual heating system for supplying sanitary hot water.


Thanks to this collective heating system, combined with the optimum insulation of the buildings, you will both save on your energy bill and limit your environmental impact. You also retain full autonomy for regulating the ambient temperature of your apartment as you like.