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De Veldekens

Name De Veldekens
Address Berchemstadiostraat 70-72
2600 Antwerpen
Size 18,000
Type Office
Status In partnership with Vooruitzicht



Designed by renowned architects Marc Corbiau and Roger Styfhals,the  "De Veldekens, the Ultimate" project is the shining star of the Antwerp office market  and reigning trendsetter for the new millennium.  The architectural ensemble features two symmetrical 9,206 m² blocks, of buildings that play off of each other in perfect harmony effortlessly complementing each other with their timeless, universal style.

"De Veldekens, the Ultimate", the final stage of this office building project, exudes the quality, simplicity and understated elegance of contemporary architecture in all its splendor and majesty.

Fitted with state-of-the-art technology and all the modern conveniences, the buildings are as comfortable as they are visually appealing, the ideal working environment to inspire energy, creativity and productivity

With its central location and easy access to major motorways and public transport, "The Ultimate" has all the right features to become the new benchmark for office buildings in the Antwerp area.

Each building has four upper floors and two basement floors, with working areas spread over five levels, providing 1750 m² of office space on the ground floor and 1864 m² on each floor. The two basements levels are designed to house underground parking facilities. The 414-space car park offers both indoor and outdoor parking, and provides an excellent ratio of 1 car space per 45 m² of offices.​

Location & Accessibility

Issues At Stake

Key Elements


  • Developer: AG Real Estate Development s.a., in partnership with Vooruitzicht n.v.
  • Architects: Styfhals & Partners n.v. and Architecture + Corbiau sprl
  • General Contractor: Vooruitzicht n.v.
  • Stability Engineering: Ingenieursbureau Arcade n.v.
  • Special Techniques Engineering: Procos n.v.
  • Control: Seco​


The building’s remarkable contemporary design is the brainchild of Architecture + Corbiau sprl and Styfhals & Partners. .

"Located just off of the city’s main thorough fares, this building is the last in a series of elegant office buildings whose stunning brickwork blends in seamlessly with the surroundings. Consisting of two parallel blocks, one in glass and the other in brick, the ensemble is an impressive display of power and transparency." (Marc Corbiau)

"At Styfhals & Partners, we believe that every successful building starts with the right construction program. If we start by thoroughly analysing the project requirements and understanding the owner’s objectives, we can translate this information into clear specifications and deliverables and come up with a personalised solution to any design challenge. Our desire to create a high performance building with a strong identity) inspired us to use a combination of materials (brick / glass) to reduce monotony and add visual interest.

With this principle in mind, we made the decision to incorporate a glass    façade in our design. The glass façade provides a visual connection with the more rugged back of the building, creating an interesting contrast effect. In its completed form, the glass front of the building hints at the brickwork in the back, giving the ensemble a light, transparent appearance." (Roger Styfhals).​

Shared Experience

"The 'De Veldekens, the Ultimate' building was the very first brainchild of AG Real Estate and partner Vooruitzicht. The experience was so successful that the pair decided to put their combined talents to good use on other major projects. They designed the two buildings to be simple, unfussy and highly functional, the perfect finishing touch to the Berchem district in the south of Antwerp. Architecture firms Architecture + Corbiau sprl and Styfhals & Partners joined forces to give the building a memorable, contemporary aesthetic focused on efficiency, flexibility and simplicity. With it’s central location and convenient access to major motorways and public transport, De Veldekens has become the new benchmark for office buildings in the Antwerp area. The building has been a commercial success right from the start, with the first building fully pre-leased to established tenants on long-term contracts and the second currently the headquarters of AG Insurance in Antwerp."

Alain De Coster, Chief Development Officer​


  • Front façade: glass structural façade with aluminum curtain-wall profiles
  • Rear façade: stone cladding
  • Twin insulating reflective glazing
  • Fully-opening windows on all floors
  • Lowered acoustic modular ceilings (front extension 130/130, rear building 150/110) with ample light fixtures and cooling ducts to allow an extensive range of possible partitions.
  • Net clearance height of 2m70 under lowered ceilings
  • Built-in fluorescent light fixtures with anti-glare protection and low illumination
  • Raised floors (clearance height approx. 13 cm) covered with T4-type carpet tiles
  • 3 lifts per building (8 to 13 persons), 1 of which can be used as a service lift to all floors, including  the roof
  • Air-conditioning with dynamic cooling ducts
  • Prestigious entrance hall
  • 2 fully equipped kitchens per floor
  • Restrooms on each floor
  • Wheelchair-accessible restrooms
  • Indoor and outdoor parking facilities (1 space per 45m²)
  • Well-maintained green areas​