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Ellipse Building

Name Ellipse Building
Address Boulevard du Roi Albert II 35
1030 Brussels
Size 50,500
Type Office
Status In partnership with Immobel



Ideally located in the heart of the Espace Nord business district, the Ellipse Building is a 50,500 m² high-rise office building in three parts with a single common entrance hall:

  • a 21-storey tower  (80m tall) on   boulevard du Roi Albert II
  • a middle section of nine floorson the corner of boulevard du Roi Albert II and place Solvay
  • a lower section of four floors that seals off the whole complex
  • a 276-space car park

Real estate developers AG Real Estate and Immomills Development combined their skill sets and expertise to successfully complete the Ellipse Building project.


Access to the three parts of the building is via a single common entrance hall on boulevard du Roi Albert II, the main throughway to the Espace Nord business district. The three parts of the building can be further subdivided according to tenant needs.

The complex has an interior garden on lower level -1, with skylights bringing in natural light. This space could potentially be used by future tenants for specific purposes: kitchen and restaurant, conference rooms, information centre, etc.

The entire building is made up of 1.35 m modules, providing maximum flexibility in the use of space. During the building phase, the developers experimented with several different floor layouts and found that both an open space concept as well as conventional private offices (minimum 12 m2) would be feasible. A considerable amount of thought was given to incorporating space maximising options in the design (such as chilled ceilings as opposed to convection fans, saving 60 cm/mc ) without jeopardising comfort.

To meet the high demands and expectations of the office property market, the building wasfitted with the highest quality interior features and systems, including raised floors and chilled ceilings. The acoustics were also designed for maximum sound isolation and comfort.

In terms of energy consumption, the building incorporates a number of energy-efficient technologies including chilled ceilings and energy-saving glazing solutions. The air conditioning system provides an enjoyable indoor environment that is clean and comfortable as well as eco-friendly.

The Ellipse Building was designed with occupant comfort and well-being in mind. All windows are fully operable, providing occupants with the ability to control their workspace and feel a connection with the outdoors.  The ideal layout of offices along the glazed façade allows each occupant to enjoy the benefits of natural light and a view of the interior garden.”​

Location & Accessibility

Issues At Stake

Key Elements


  • Developers: AG Real Estate, in partnership with Immomills Development sa
  • Architects: Montois Partners and Art & Build
  • General Contractor: Cordeel nv
  • Stability Engineering: Ingénieurs Associés and B.CEC
  • Special Techniques Engineering: Technum Tractebel Development Engineering and Geocal
  • Acoustics: Venac Acoustic Engineering
  • Security: aCSC
  • Control: Seco
  • Construction started in February 2004 and the building was completed and delivered in June 2006.​


The building was designed by architecture firms Art & Build and Montois Partners, who joined forces to complete this specific project.

"The end is result is an office building that meets all of the key requirements in terms of location, accessibility, layout, space optimisation and high performance technologies.

The building incorporates a number of highly prized characteristics including contemporary, original design, seamless integration into the surrounding environment, a high degree of flexibility in the use of space and a pleasant occupant experience complete with ample exposure to natural light, views of the interior garden and access to the new park nearby.

The entrance hall is particularly impressive with its striking curved glass design and inflow of natural light, beckoning the visitor to come explore the upper floors and interior garden."​

Shared Experience

"The Ellipse site was ideally located near Brussels North Station, on boulevard du Roi Albert II. With this site, the last to be developed, we were able to complete the Brussels North business district urban renewal project.


Mayor Bernard Clerfayt and Urban Development Alderwoman Cécile Jodogne were personally involved in the design of this project. The objective was to distinguish the Ellipse Building from the other square-shaped buildings in the neighbourhood. Architects Art & Build joined forces with Montois Partners to come up with a curved tower that would signal a transition from the local housing and public car park behind the tower.

AG Real Estate developed the Ellipse Building as a joint venture with the Compagnie Immobilière de Belgique (Immobel). The project proved to be the ideal opportunity to showcase both companies’ talents, resulting in   this magnificent, highly memorable 21-storey tower


The Ellipse Building is a shining example of the long-term investment appeal of AG Insurance real estate holdings. Upon completion, the Flemish Community was immediately attracted by the location, technical features and aesthetics of the building, and decided to lease the building for the next 18 year

Alain De Coster, Chief Development​ Officer