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Name H2O
Address Route de Gasperich 33
5826 Hespérange
Size 25,000
Type Office
Status In partnership with Promobe Finance




The building consists of three sections that are interconnected by inner patios. Each section has its own separate entrance, elevator bank and dedicated reception area. Each floor can be subdivided into separate areas ranging from 400 m² to 6,000 m², depending on tenant requirements. Wide stairways make it easy to move between floors.

In addition, the building has an excellent net floor area ratio (excluding lifts, stairways and washrooms) for optimal space efficiency.         

The building is made up of 1.35m modules, providing maximum flexibility in the use of space which can accommodate open plan or partitioned offices.                 

Clearance height between the raised floors and dropped ceilings is 2.90m on the ground floor and 2.70m on the upper floors.  

The designers were guided by the principles of sustainable development, which are clearly reflected in the choice of construction materials, energy consumption and waste management facilities.


Electrical consumption: All light fittings work with energy-efficient electronic fluorescent ballasts to keep consumption at a minimum

Power consumption: Heating is provided by high performance gas boilers

Acoustics: All technical installations have been fitted with silencers or soundproof screens.                             

Waste disposal: Appropriate waste collection and storage facilities are available in the basement.               

Air conditioning and water treatment: The building is equipped with high performance energy recycling systems and features clever methods to reduce mains water usage.                            

The ventilated double skin façade forms a protective layer around the building, acting as insulation against temperature extremes, wind and sound while providing natural cooling in the warmer summer months.​

Location & Accessibility

Issues At Stake

Key Elements

25,000 m² on 4 levels (ground floor + 3 upper floors)

850 parking spaces, a ratio of 1 space for every 30 m² of office space, and 1,100 m² of basement filing space.

Key Contributors                                                                  


  • Developer: AG Real Estate and Promobe Finance
  • Architects: Schemel & Wirtz (Luxembourg), in partnership with Itten & Brechbühl (Switzerland).   
  • General Contractor: Soludec-Besix-CIT and Blaton
  • Quantity Surveyor: Widnell
  • Special Techniques Engineering: Sitlux & Lux Cec​


The building was designed by Luxembourg-based architects Schemel & Wirtz in partnership with the Swiss office of Itten & Brechbühl.

"The outer ventilated double-skin shell gives the building a distinctive appearance.

The outer skin is made up of large fixed windows staggered a few centimeters apart, while the inner skin consists of operable windows. 

The space sandwiched between the two skins is filled with naturally ventilated air and equipped with remote-controlled blinds in order to maximise occupant comfort.

The double-skin façade design integrates passive energy solutions, driving down demand for power and water.

The design is also highly effective at suppressing noise and providing protection from bad weather conditions even when the windows are open.

The offices feature raised tile floors and acoustic metal dropped ceilings. The suspended ceilings are ideal for adjusting and balancing hot/cold airflow, providing optimal comfort no matter how densely occupied the offices are."​

Shared Experience

Designed by Luxembourg-based architects Schemel & Wirtz in partnership with the Swiss office of Itten & Brechbühl, this four-level, 25,000 m² office complex  meets all the key requirements in terms of location, accessibility, layout, space optimisation and high performance technologies. The building reflects fundamental user values such as transparency, sleek lines, a connection to the outdoors, flexibility, contemporary aesthetics and innovation.

The outdoor landscaping adds colour and texture to the edges of the building, the enclosed courtyards and walkways, adding interest to the property while naturally leading visitors to the reception areas.​