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Silver Tower

Name Silver Tower
Address Place Saint-Lazare 2
1210 Brussels
Size 40,000
Type Office
Status Under development


The building, standing at 137 meters high, will be composed of:

  • 7 levels of basements for parking and archives
  • A ground floor
  • 2 mezzanines
  • 30 floors for office purposes
  • a 31th floor housing techniques

It will include 168 parking spaces, including 30 locations exclusively for motorcycles and 221 covered spaces for bicycles. There are also 1,450 m² of archives and +/- 40.000 sqm office space. Additional car parks may be available in the immediate vicinity thanks to our subsidiary Interparking.

The construction will fit harmoniously in the development of this area (including tall buildings) and will create thanks to its design, one of the major attractions of the future Saint-Lazare Place, which will be refurbished by the developer as part of its urbanism burden.

Located between the two tunnels crossing the rail junction north-south, the building will participate in the revitalization of these two arteries leading to the small ring.


Location & Accessibility

​The Silver Tower will be located along the inner ring road of Brussels and will benefit from an immediate access. In less than 100 meters, you'll be able to enter the car park of 176 spaces.

At 200 meters, the underground station Rogier is one of the busiest stations in the Brussels network.

It is situated at the intersection of lines 2 and 6 (around the heart of Brussels) and North-South lines (pre-metro).

The area will also benefit from a thorough planning. The proposed development of the Saint-Lazare Place is to rework its surroundings, sidewalks and floors to promote spaces for pedestrians and cyclists. The square is pedestrian friendly.

On one side, the City Center: At 250 meters from the tower, you find the Rue Neuve, the largest pedestrian shopping street in Belgium (52,000 persons per day) and City 2, the largest urban shopping center of Belgium (51,000 sqm).

The Silver Tower will really be at a stone's throw from the bustling city center.

On the other side, the Northern District: This is the most dynamic and modern office space of Brussels, where the towers stylize urban landscape and where you find both large administrations and public and private companies such as Belgacom, Flemish Community, the Federal Government, Dexia, ...

Less than 200 meters separate the Silver Tower from the NCC, the Northern Communication Center , the largest public transport hub in Belgium.

  • 900 trains / day (conventional networks, TGV, Thalys and Eurostar, link with the international airport in 15 min.) The Gare du Nord train station is the 2nd of the country
  • 2 tram lines (access to the subway in one stop and access to downtown in 2 minutes)
  • 38 bus lines

Issues At Stake

Key Elements

​The Silver Tower will be the first passive tower under construction in Brussels.

The passive standard is achieved thanks to the following developments:

  • High performance envelope (thermal and air tightness)
  • Automatic management of external blinds depending on the inner  t ° and sunshine
  • Lighting (300 lux thanks to presence and twilight sensors)
  • Rational use of energy
  • Photovoltaic panels on the roof
  • Coefficient E = 45
  • Coefficient K = 36


​The architects for the project are the Atelier d'Architecture de Genval and Accarain & Bouillot.

"Taking advantage of its particularly favorable position in terms of visibility, the building SILVER TOWER enjoys stunning views over the city center on the one hand and the northern district of Brussels on the other.

The building is based on the principles of sustainable investment, particularly in terms of saving energy and operating costs.

The facades actively contribute to this end. The windows offer excellent thermal insulation performance and a powerful sun protection factor. The general appearance, which is slightly reflective and silver, creates a beautiful effect between the sills and the windows and gives the building an appearance of great purity.

The architectural treatment of the exterior of the building gives it a unique character. The vertical modulation increases the extension of the facade and emphasizes the desired “veil” effect.

The base of the building is clearly identifiable, especially through the sculptural aspect of the support columns. Its facade, provided with clear glass, offers full transparency and allows seeing the trains through the building.

At the foot of the building, the future Place Saint-Lazare will act as a court giving access to the main hall and a space for commercial activities.”

Shared Experience


  • GROUND FLOOR: welcome desk, waiting area, toilet for disabled, fireman room, lifts and exhibition area
  • OFFICES: raised floors covered with carpet, false ceiling with acoustic isolation and light fittings, toilets, kitchen.
  • MODULATION: the depth of the typical floor is 9,85 m in the front part of the building and 7,25 m at the back. This difference allows very flexible use of the floors for individual offices, open space and meeting rooms. The modulation of the window is 1.20 m.
  • MANAGEMENT: A BMS (Building Management System) manages and controls the entire facility.
  • AIR CONDITIONING: heating and active cooling by fan-coil units in the ceiling with total recycling. Calories are produced through three condensing boilers equipped with modulating burners and powered by natural gas.
  • FLUID: the chilled water is produced by coolers running thanks to environment-friendly cooling system. The condensers are provided with energy recovery.
  • LIFTS: 3 lifts in basement; 10 lifts to the offices floors and 2 goods lifts
  • SUSTAINABILITY: The building will meet the passive criteria applicable in January 2015. The U-factor (measuring the rate of heat transfer of a window) is excellent (< 1). The glass has a light transmission of 0,70 and a solar factor of about 0,45. The building will be certified BREEAM “Excellent”.


Property​ Floor​ Area m2 Rent €
Silver Tower​ +27​ 512​  ​
+26​ 1066​  ​
+25​ 1111  ​
+24​ 1157​
+23​ 1201​
+22​ 1240​
+21​ 1260​
+20​ 1279​
+19​ 1299​
+18​ 1314​
+17​ 1314​
+16​ 1314​
+15​ 1314​
+14​ 1314​
+13​ 1314​
+12​ 1314​
+11​ 1314​
+10​ 1314​
+9​ 1314​
+8​ 1314​
+7​ 1314​
+6​ 1314​
+5​ 1314​
+4​ 1258​
+3​ 1258​
+2​ 1258​
+1​ 1258​
+0​ 1258​
-1​ 1258​
Mezz +2​ 428,3​
Mezz +1​ 369,5​
0​ 569,1​ 53​
-1​ 791,9​ 62​
-2​ 1378​
-3​ 1378​
-4​ 1378​
-5​ 1378​
-6​ 1378​
-7​ 1378​
Total HS 37435,9​ 53
Total SS 9059,9​ 62