AG Real Estate intends to become a full-fledged promotor and an even more important player on the housing market.

AG Residential is the brand created for this purpose. Its major strategy is the development of large inner city projects and unique city center locations in Belgium. The choice for superior locations, in proximity of public transport and directly accessible, is AG Residential's unique selling point with which it hopes to seduce buyers.

AG Residential functions on its own funds, thanks to AG Insurance, its parent company and leader on the Belgian insurance market. This solid financial basis proves once more that AG Residential is a trustworthy and solvable promotor, one who can guarantee security and peace of mind to the buyers.

Currently, there are approximately 3,700 apartments under development across different projects.

AG Residential wishes to offer new and high-quality apartments, well thought-out and designed by renowned architects, offering the possibility of a complete and refined finish at competitive prices.

For more information on our projects: agresidential.be