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Nom Arts&Lux
Adresse Avenue des Arts 58
1040 Brussels
Superficie 17 000
Type Bureaux
Statut Redeveloped in 2012



This very visible building is located on the Brussels inner road, between the European Parliament and the Royale Palace. It has a metro station on the doorstep. Built in 1977, the Art & Lux building was later purchased by AG Insurance in 1979. 

After 25 years of uninterrupted ownership, AG Insurance decided to fully renovate the building, keeping only the original structure while making major changes to the façades, technical installations and finishings.

The renovated building has all the right features to meet even the most demanding tenant requirements. The design is resolutely contemporary. The beauty of the natural stone façade has been further enhanced by the clever use of outdoor lighting. The expanded, redesigned entrance hall now exudes just the right mix of power and prestige.

The common areas have been reorganised. Office areas have been equipped with raised floors and reversible radiant ceilings (for heating and cooling).The principles of sustainable design and construction have been applied throughout for maximum eco-friendliness and low energy consumption. The building is BREEAM-certified.

This 17,000m² property features seven floors of office space as well as commercial space on the ground floor. There are two separate entrances and two lift/staircase areas (avenue des Arts and rue du Luxembourg). The first floor comes complete with a beautiful private interior garden, providing upper floor tenants with visual relief and a link with the natural world.

A shared meeting room and cafetaria are located on the 1st floor, open to all of the building's occupants. A concierge program with laundry, car wash and personal assistance is being installed. Quality tenants as Cardriam, a New York Life Company, and United Technologies have been attracted.

Localisation & Accessibilité

​Halfway between the European Quarter and the centre of Brussels, and right next to the Parc Royal, the Art & Lux building is ideally located, with easy access to the inner ring and a variety of public transport options to choose from.

The Trône metro station is right outside the building, Brussels Central and Brussels Luxembourg train stations are within easy walking distance, and a wide range of bus lines stop on rue du Luxembourg.​


Eléments clés

  • Exceptional location between the Parc Royal and the European Parliament complete with a view of the Royal Palace and easy access to the Brussels inner ring
  • Next to the Trône metro station
  • New building: high performance outer shell with no thermal gaps
  • Pleasant, spacious office block with a boxed-in 650 m2 garden designed by a landscape architect
  • Two separate entrances for enhanced vertical traffic
  • Energy-saving lifts equipped with a variable frequency device and brake energy recovery system
  • Adjustable floors and excellent wall partition flexibility
  • On/Off light switch time slots with motion and daylight sensors
  • Individual offices equipped with outward opening windows
  • Gas-fired, variable flow condensing boiler
  • Double flow ventilation system using a rotary heat exchanger with high efficiency recovery potential
  • Flexible BMS (Building Management System) regulation adaptable to future occupant usage behaviour
  • General monitoring of energy consumption
  • 238 indoor parking spaces
  • Indoor parking for bicycles, with shower/changing facilities for cyclists​


Expérience partagée


  • New high performance façade, with high efficiency double glazing, built-in solar protection and acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Alternating window modules: 0.90 m / 1.80 m
  • Ceiling height clearance: 2.60 m
  • Air-conditioning by cold ceiling with integrated low energy consumption lighting
  • Raised floor
  • Sub-divisible floors (up to four sections)
  • Fire detection in accordance with safety regulations
  • Four kitchenettes or computer rooms on each floor
  • Six 1000 kg lifts and two 1275 kg lifts servicing all floors
  • 238 parking spaces on the lower level (P ratio = 1/75)
  • Access control
  • Exceptional energy performance: K = 32 and E = 70
  • BREEAM pre-assessment rating of "Very Good"​


Property​ Floor​ Area m2​​ ​​Availability
Arts&Lux​ 5​ ​ 2465 Immediate​
4​ ​ 2465 Immediate
3​ ​ 2465 Immediate
1​ ​ 1507​ Immediate
0​ ​ 967​ Immediate​​
Total ​ 9869