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Alliance Business Park

Nom Alliance Business Park
Adresse Parc de l'Alliance
1420 Braine-l'Alleud
Superficie 150 000
Type Bureaux
Statut Developped and in co-ownership with AXA Belgium



At a time when multifunctional business parks are on the increase, the Parc de l’Alliance, which stretches on 60 hectares, is a unique model of its type.

This open and well-organized area with its buildings located around little squares, wooded paths and avenues, ornamental ponds and gardens forms a serene and harmonious entity.

The wise choice and perfect combination of the building materials, as well as the light stone used on each building, and the architecture intentionally different of each building generate an exceptional park in its genre.

The site also perfectly allies offices and residential areas, some restaurants and leisure infrastructures while integrating sooner or later a shopping center and a hotel.​​


Localisation & Accessibilité

The Parc is easily accessible:

  • from the ring road, just located at the exit of the motorway (nr 24)
  • by busses (TEC local services). Bus stops are at the entrance of the park.
  • by rail (Braine-l’Alleud station; 4 trains/hour– 12 min. to Brussels)

There will be two RER (regional express network) services every 15 minutes on the Parc de l’Alliance stop:

  • the Nivelles-Louvain-la-Neuve line via the stations Brussels Midi/ Central/Nord/Schuman/Luxembourg
  • the Braine-Alliance-Leuven line via Brussels Schuman/Luxembourg and the airport.

Between now and then, local taxi men spontaneously organize a shuttle service between the Braine-l’Alleud station and the site in order to serve the park better.

Brussels airport by car is located at only 20 minutes to the North of the Parc de l’Alliance, just as the Charleroi Airport (Brussels South), also at 20 minutes’ distance.​


First intended for office buildings, the Parc de l’Alliance offers entirely new modulated spaces of great flexibility and outstanding quality in design, realization and finishing.​

Eléments clés


The offices capacity of the business park is his main trump: 150,000 m² dedicated to offices, i.e. more than 25 buildings, from which a third has already been developed.

There are two distinct areas:

  • The Versant Sud welcomes companies, owners of their buildings as Toyota Belgium, Pauline B, Bruphils, CD Direct and the Brasserie de l’Alliance.
  • The Versant Nord, an investment of Axa and AG Real Estate, welcomes prestigious tenants as Regus, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Express Medical Interim, ELD and an international bank company.

The Parc de l’Alliance is the ideal place for companies looking for establishing according to various rental or purchasing ways, whether a building ready for immediate occupation or a tailor made building.

AXA Belgium and AG Real Estate, the site developers, are undoubtedly partners who offer their clients the greatest flexibility on technical and financial matters.​


Each building has its own unique style in order to appeal to a wide range of companies. Several different architecture firms (Assar, Atelier d’Architecture de Genval, Espaces Architectes, Altiplan) were involved in the design phase to come up with a different design for each building.

Lead architecture firm Atelier du Sart Tilman was responsible for coordinating the various projects, bringing a spectacular yet harmonious balance to the ensemble.​

Expérience partagée


The business park develops the greatest secured car park offer of the region, i.e. a ratio of 1 car space per 35 m² of offices.

Moreover, in order to preserve landscaping, 75% of the car parks are located in the buildings basements.​