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Alliance immeuble B

Nom Alliance immeuble B
Adresse Avenue de Finlande 2
1420 Braine-l'Alleud
Superficie 3 000
Type Bureaux
Statut Developped and in co-ownership with AXA Belgium



Parc de l'Alliance Building B is a four-storey 3,000 m², building complete with a 48-space indoor car park and an additional 37 spaces outside. At a time when multi-purpose business parks are growing in popularity, the 60-hectare Parc de l’Alliance development is truly a shining example of its kind.                         

The tranquil, inviting ensemble features generously spaced buildings dotted around little squares, attractive natural features such as tree-lined pathways and avenues, and decorative ponds and gardens for hours of viewing pleasure.

The clever use of sustainable construction materials such as limestone façades and a deliberately different design for each building add to the uniqueness of the business park.

The site also artfully blends office space and residential areas as well as restaurants and entertainment opportunities, with plans to add a shopping centre and a hotel to the mix.

The business park also comes complete with the region’s largest secure car park, with a generous ratio of 1 parking space per 35 m² of office space.

To preserve the natural vegetation, 75% of the parking spaces are located underground.​

Localisation & Accessibilité


Eléments clés

All of the offices have been designed with the latest technological advances and eco-friendly solutions to provide companies with a pleasant, high performance working environment. Key features include the following:

  • easily subdividable space for flexible room partitioning
  • security: access control at the pedestrian and car park entrances
  • enhanced energy and environmental performance
  • sustainable development (limestone façades)
  • fiber-optic connections
  • cold ceiling air conditioning system

All of the offices have been fitted out with operable windows, providing occupants with fresh air flow and the psychological benefits of a connection to the outdoors.​


Building B was designed by architecture firm Assar. The Parc de l’Alliance is a brand new generation of modular office space that offers owners and users increased worker satisfaction, productivity and flexibility, all in an aesthetically-pleasing package of the highest quality.

Each building has its own unique style in order to appeal to a wide range of companies. Several different architecture firms (Assar, Atelier d’Architecture de Genval, Espaces Architectes, Altiplan) were involved in the design phase to come up with a different design for each building. 

Lead architecture firm Atelier du Sart Tilman was responsible for coordinating the various projects, bringing a spectacular yet harmonious balance to the ensemble.​

Expérience partagée


  • Air conditioning
  • Heating (gas)
  • Raised floors
  • Light fixtures integrated in dropped ceiling
  • Operable windows
  • Double glazing
  • Window modulation (1.30 m)
  • Light intensity (500 lux)
  • Wall-to-wall carpeting
  • Lifts (2)
  • Washroom facilities (Ladies and Gents)
  • Security alarm
  • Smoke detectors and fire alarm system
  • Overhead clearance (2.72 m)​