Public infrastructure
Hangar M

13 621 m²
AG Real Estate

Hangar M is a maintenance hangar for the Belgian Defence Forces’ A400M military aircraft in Melsbroek and fits perfectly into the future of military aviation. With a surface area of 13,621 m², it is the largest project ever built for Belgian Defence: the roof is 30 meters high and measures about 185 m x 75 m (the area of two football pitches). Add to this 7,700 m² for offices, a logistics zone, storage areas and workshops.

Since 2023, AG Real Estate is, through the company Hangar M, putting the hangar at the disposal of the Ministry of Defence for a duration of 28 years and is responsible for the management and maintenance of the infrastructure during this period. Maintaining this outsized structure requires specific knowledge in terms of stability, construction and special techniques.