Real estate certificates are debt claims, which may or may not be listed on an exchange, that offer a variable rate of interest. They entitle holders to beneficial ownership of real estate: i.e. the net income derived from the buildings and any net proceeds when they are sold.

Part of the annual coupon qualifies as redemption of principal, so it is exempt from withholding tax. The other part, the interest component, is subject to a withholding tax.

Property risk exposure is generally concentrated on a single or a limited number of buildings and will determine, as well as financial and real estate market trends, the value of the real estate certificate and its expected income.

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Name ISIN code Issuing company
WOLUWE EXTENSION BE 0003600112 Le Certificat Foncier Display
WOLUWE SHOPPING CENTER BE 0003571792 Le Certificat Foncier Display

The issuing company of Le Certificat Foncier has adopted a Governance Charter (text only available in French and Dutch):

AG Real Estate
William De Troij
Senior Fund Manager
William De Troij