AG Real Estate

The renovated Newto[w]n provides an unparalleled workspace experience, boasting ultimate comfort and well-being. As a premium working environment, it offers a modern, bright, and attractive setting that redefines the way we work. With adaptive spaces and a feel-good atmosphere, it’s the perfect workplace for its users and their visitors.

Nestled in a small park and surrounded by lush green spaces, Newto[w]n’s urban location is a perfect balance of bustling city life and soothing nature. It’s boosting creativity, productivity, and well-being.

The project is also designed with sustainability in mind, including a renovated building envelope. In terms of sustainability performance, the project will have, among others, zero fossil energy use and +/- 900 m² solar panels will generate electricity.

Expected Certification : BREEAM Excellent – Fossil Free on-site